Brand strategy: How to make an impact.

Brand identity can be fleeting in a time where everyone’s got a catchy name and a website. Creating a high impact brand and building a community around your brand can help your medium to long term success. To achieve this, however, you need to have a strategy. A brand is intangible. It's much more than [...]

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Affiliate lead magnets. An essential guide.

Affiliate lead magnets are a type of incentive that can draw a huge amount of people to your website. If you’ve got a good following on your blog but want to release your first eBook or infographic, a lead magnet is the perfect opportunity to get your content out there while capturing information about your [...]

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Five factors that affect the value of gold

Looking back at the year that was 2016, so many events - from politics to entertainment to economics - have influenced the way we look at things and how people conduct business as usual. And in a truly digital planet where everything and everyone is increasingly interconnected, the ripple effects of a particular event can [...]

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Myth: Building a business with no startup capital is impossible

“It can’t be done.” “That’s simply impossible.” These are all too familiar responses to the idea that starting a business can be done with next to zero up front capital. Well, at Refinement Services, we beg to differ. And instead of simply stating the opposite, we’ll prove that starting your own business in virtually no [...]

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Turn website content into meaningful conversations

In an earlier article we discussed the importance of creating website content that sparks conversations with your audiences as a means to keep them coming back. But while you can find countless articles online that tell you that blogging is a crucial aspect in the overall make-up of a successful website, very few tell you [...]

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The art of the conversation. Why blogging for your website is so important

Affiliate marketing sites have always been very salesy and full of "sell now" and "make money fast" tag lines that don't serve the needs of either gold sellers nor affiliates. In fact, many sellers are put off by aggressive advertising in their attempts to learn more about the process of selling their gold jewelry. This [...]

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How to drive quality lead traffic to your website

Driving quality lead traffic to your affiliate website is one of the top priorities for affiliate marketers and people operating in the ecommerce space, but a high number of visitors shouldn’t be your end game. Whether you’re running an online business or a brick and mortar company, you will know that visitors to your store [...]

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The different types of gold affiliate marketer programs explained

Trends show that both companies and individuals are buying into the gig economy in earnest, with alternate workers such as freelancers, temps and interim managers taking up nearly 20% of the American workforce. Affiliate marketing is playing its part in introducing new trends in how people generate income. For the would-be gold affiliate marketer in [...]

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The path to striking gold as an affiliate marketer

Passive income is all the rage these days. The internet has spawned a generation of digital nomads brave enough to take on careers that would have been considered risky only a few years ago. But we live in an age where everything and everyone is going digital and connecting with people no longer implies a [...]

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Finally, gold affiliate programs that put people first

Where do people go to get a fair deal these days? This a question I’ve been wrestling with for nearly two decades now. As someone with intimate experience with the awful consequences of fraud, my heart goes out to every gold seller who’s been swindled by an unscrupulous scammer. Truth be told, it’s honest, unsuspecting [...]

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